This resulted in a unique, flexible approach—a proven, step-by-step design process tailored to your needs. My approach allows you to be involved as much or as little as you want, whether you need help starting with ideas, a roadmap with design plans, or a turnkey experience where I handle everything from start to finish.


With nearly three decades of personal home design and remodeling projects, I've come to realize that many homeowners today crave more than impeccably designed spaces; they yearn for an authentic connection to their home, forged through their active participation in the transformation process. In 2019, fueled by a desire to bridge a gap in the interior design landscape, I launched my interior design business, driven by a profound mission: to revolutionize home design services, rendering them a flexible and empowering experience..

Your style takes center stage—be it sophistication, modern design, or a fusion inspired by my British and European roots. I'm here to assist you in uncovering your style and expanding the horizons of your imagination, introducing innovative designs to your space that resonate with your desires and functionality preferences while maintaining an authentic reflection of you.

My services extend both in-home and virtually, providing flexibility and accessibility across the USA.


I'm Angela

Hello &  Welcome!
Barbara B. 

"Angela really is amazing. I was quick to realize that I don’t share her talents and it was well worth the investment hiring her. She is caring, kind and patient, and showed fairness in her charges.  "

Explore my portfolio, where transformative projects showcase my expertise. If you don't find a style that resonates, rest assured—I specialize in crafting designs tailored to your unique preferences. Let's embark on this journey together, creating a space that not only reflects your aesthetic but also tells your personal story. Welcome to our unique haven. I'm delighted you've joined us, and I look forward to the enriching conversation ahead.


In addition to creating spaces for homeowners, I provide virtual assistance rendering services to other designers and trades. Collaborating with industry professionals, I bring their designs to life through renderings, videos, and VR tours—trusted by both clients and professionals in the trade.


In a world where awareness of how surroundings affect well-being is growing, I view design beyond aesthetics and function—I focus on creating spaces that elevate your emotional and physical wellness. For those interested in conscious living, I provide expertise in sustainability, guiding you to incorporate eco-friendly practices. Moreover, as a certified cruelty-free (vegan) design specialist, I offer services and consultation options that not only reflect your style but also align seamlessly with your values, creating spaces that feel good in every way.

Wellness and Conscious DESIGN OPTIONS

A few years ago, I discovered the sweet spot at the intersection of technology and design. With a background in IT, this revelation became a game-changer, allowing me to seamlessly merge the two worlds and offer advanced tools like photorealistic illustrations (a.k.a. renderings) and immersive virtual reality tours. No more surprises or costly delays—this integration enables you to see and understand your space before the renovations begin, eliminating the leap of faith required when trying to visualize your designers vision through mood boards and material samples.


Beyond the Blueprint

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say I work to make people feel comfort, confidence and at ease in their homes.

Beyond my design expertise, I am a caring, social, and cheerful individual committed to infusing your space with not just aesthetic brilliance but genuine warmth.

As a  recent empty nester, I've embraced the joys of life's simple pleasures, from playful interactions with my fluffy, old, tuxedo cat to comedic antics of my goldendoodle dog, and serene walks along the San Diego shores with my husband. I love to sail on the weekends and start each day with yoga.

Born and raised in the UK, I moved to the USA in 2010 with my husband, my two children, and our two beloved cats. We have since made this beautiful country our home.

Over the years, our children have grown up and flown the nest. We cherish trips back to the UK to visit our friends and family, and have built a thriving life here in America.

Through it all, I have found great joy in creating warm, inviting spaces that reflect the unique personalities and stories of my clients. Just as my own life has been shaped by a blend of cultures and experiences, I bring a global perspective to my design work. I believe in creating homes that are not just visually stunning but also deeply personal, resonating with your unique lifestyle and story.

 I'd love to chat with you about your journey and help you navigate your way to crafting a home that reflects the true essence of you. 

Behind the Designs
"Playing an active role in design process fosters a deep and authentic connection to your home!"

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