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Premium Renderings

Are you tired of endless revisions with clients who can't quite visualize your brilliant ideas? Do you dream of presentations that leave them speechless and eager to say "YES!"?

As a working interior designer and rendering whiz, I'm your secret sauce, here to transform your concepts into photorealistic illustrations, videos, walkthrough tours, and immersive VR tours using my advanced skills in the My Doma Studio Visualizer. Think complex layouts and designs, intricate details, and a level of realism that'll blow your clients' minds.

Custom or premium rendering packages available.

Certified Virtual Assistant Services

The Process - Step 02/08

Custom 2D and 3D rendering packages for one room,multiple rooms, whole house, interior and exterior renderings, videos, walkthrough tours


Step One 

The Tailored Design Process

Why work with me - Step 03/08

In this dynamic two-hour design consultation, we dive into your project goals, exploring your personality, lifestyle, and design preferences to craft a space that uniquely reflects you. This personalized approach not only provides a ton of advice and creative ideas but also sets the stage for your design journey. Offering suggested next steps, design services, and valuable direction, this consultation becomes the catalyst for your project, giving you a solid foundation and a clear path to bring your vision to life. Whether you choose to take the reins or opt for additional design services, this initial consultation is your starting point for a seamless and tailored design experience.

The Process

Step Two 

The Tailored Design Process

Design Development - Step 04/08

With a deep understanding of you and your home goals, I set the design direction using mood boards and 3D concepts. Utilizing my tech and interior design skills, I bring the possibilities of your new space to life with photorealistic illustrations, videos, and immersive VR tours. This enables you to grasp the functionality and ambiance before major home changes begin. Navigate possibilities, save time, and steer clear of costly changes later with this all-encompassing approach to your project.

Step Three

Why work with me?

The Tailored Design Process

Selections, Sourcing & Procurement Management - STEP 05/08

This step builds upon the approved design concept. is all about refining and expanding the design concept to a comprehensive and actionable plan for your room. This includes detailed floor plans, elevations, a cohesive color palette theme, and an itemized project list. I provide suggestions for materials, finishes, and detailed product list to source, ensuring a meticulous approach. The detailed project scope serves as a roadmap, guiding the seamless implementation of the envisioned design.


Step Four 

The Tailored Design Process

Paint Colors Consultation - STEP 06/08

In the design development step, where everything takes shape. I handle everything from curation to procurement, skillfully sourcing and selecting the perfect finishes, furnishings, and accessories for your project. Say goodbye to the stress of navigating stores or endless online searches. I carefully curate your space, ensuring each element works harmoniously. This precise process guarantees a cohesive design, eliminating the risk of costly purchasing errors and design mistakes. Once selections are approved, I seamlessly transition into the procurement management stage, handling everything from payment to delivery. Relax as I take care of the entire process, saving you time, money and stress.

Selections, Sourcing & Procurement Management

Step Five

The Tailored Design Process

Design Implementation Management 
- STEP 07/08

In this crucial step, I expertly select the perfect paint colors for every element of your interior or exterior space. From recommending the ideal shades, brands, and sheens to suggesting suitable products, I ensure your space comes together seamlessly with a cohesive color palette. With large paint sample boards and the option of color concept photorealistic illustrations, you get the perfect finishing touch for your space.

Paint Colors
Selection Consultation

Step Six

The Tailored Design Process

Accessories & Styling
- STEP 08/08

In my role as your dedicated liaison, I work closely with the project manager and skilled contractors to ensure the correct execution of the design plan. Through site visits, clear communication, and meticulous attention to detail, I strive to eliminate costly mistakes and ensure your space comes to life exactly as envisioned.

Design Implementation Management

Step Seven

The Tailored Design Process

In the culminating step of Accessories & Styling, I add the finishing touches to your designed space, elevating it to its full potential. This phase involves carefully curating and placing accessories, artwork, and décor items that complement the overall design aesthetic. 

Accessories & Styling

Step Eight

The Tailored Design Process

Ever find yourself second guessing your color choices for your projects? Wondering why that white is playing tricks and showing up as blue or pink? Let me be your secret sauce, crafting the perfect color palette for your project behind the scenes. Picture this: detailed paint color options with full spec, creating a flawless foundation for your design. No more sticking to the same old colors or relying on a go-to list. My service ensures you have the ideal canvas to build upon—whites, neutrals, accents, the whole shebang. Let's chat about how I can save you time, hassle, and costly color mishaps on your next project. Ready to elevate your business? Let's make it happen!

Color Consultations

For Interiors & Exteriors 

What To Expect...

Interior Designer for a Day is ideal for busy individuals who would like expert assistance in making efficient design decisions but do not want a long term services commitment.

Save time by having an expert guide you through the decision-making process, ensure a cohesive and polished design with professional input, and more.

Is Designer For A Day
For You?

More Examples Of Design Help I Can Give

You will have my undivided attention for a full 6 hours in one day to assist you with any aspects of your design project.

This could include in person meetings & communicating with clients or trades; floor plans and layout ideas, guidance for kitchen, bath, laundry room or other room designs; sourcing of items and selection of finishes & furnishings. I can assist you in choosing finishes for any areas of your homes’ interior such as your kitchen, bathrooms, main living spaces, bedrooms, front foyer, mudroom, laundry room and basement. I also consult on exteriors, including outdoor living spaces. 

What To Expect On Your Day With Me

Is Designer For A Day For You?

More Examples of design help i can give

  • Flooring options such as hardwood, tile and carpeting
  • Wall Tiles and stone for fireplaces or feature walls
  • Backsplash & grout recommendations
  • Countertops & profile selections
  • Cabinetry finish/color/style/and hardware
  • Lighting such as pendants, sconces, chandeliers and lamps
  • Plumbing fixtures such as faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs & shower controls
  • All decorative elements and furniture such as case goods, sofas, chairs, ottomans, dining room sets, items for your office, window treatments, upholstery, area rugs, accessories, etc.

What Are The Next Steps?

Once you've purchased your Designer For A Day service, fill out a questionnaire outlining your top goals for the day. Next, we'll have a quick discovery call to confirm priorities and plan the day's itinerary. Once that's squared away, we'll lock in a day and time for your session. On your designated "Designer For A Day," we'll collaborate on your priority list, making significant strides toward achieving your project goals. 

Omar. G

"I know most of the designers and decorators here, and usually, you can tell who designed a room by their colors. Most have a list, of colors they use but Angela is different. She truly understands color, handpicking the colors for each job. You never know what colors she'll choose, but they're always just right."

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